Tractech Detroit Soft locker Install in a Land Rover differential

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Step 1:
Unscrew the diff drain plug with a 1/2" square wrench and drain the oil. Bring your exaust oil to the closest center for safe recycling.

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Step 2:
Remove the 5 bolts on the left axle flange using a 17 mm wrench. Be aware there is Loctite on the bolts. Repeat on the right side.

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Step 3:
With a rubber hammer separate the axle flange from the hub.

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Step 4:
Remove the axle shafts playing attention not to damage the splines.

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Step 5:
Provide for a complete cleaning using thinner or other good product for degreasing and put the differential under an hydraulic press to fit the new carrier bearings. Part # for Timkens are LM102949 and LM102910 (2 of each per set). Lubricate them and the carrier shafts on the differential using transmission oil. Put the bearing in position (the bigger diameter has to face the diff) as much parallel to the hydraulic press as possible. Use a piece of copper or brass to interpose between the bearing and the press. Press the bearing until it will perfectly touch the differential carrier. Repeat the procedure for the opposite side.

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Step 6:
With the differential on the bench make sure for proper match between axle splines and diff flange.

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Step 7:
Driveshafts are factory balanced but avoid vibrations is a good rule: mark the allignment between driveshaft and pinion for future perfect and balanced reinstall.

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Step 8:
A 9/16" and a 14 mm wrenches are needed for bolts and nuts that couple the driveshaft to the pinion. Tight the driveshaft out of the way where it won't interfere with the third member extraction.

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Step 9:
A 14 mm wrench is needed to remove the 10 nuts that secure the third member to the axle casing. Cross unscrew (180) the nuts.

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Step 10:
An hidraulic jack will help to start separating the third member because of the factory sealant. Not exceed lifting to prevent damages to the studs on the axle casing. Once the third member separation has started pull forward. Consider the complete assembly is very heavy and precautions have to be taken to avoid injuries and damages.

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Step 11:
Secure the third member to an heavy duty vise by tightening it from its wings. Take care not to hit the pinion flange. Clean the unit and remove accurately all of the factory sealant. Use a blade if necessary but avoid to scratch the surface.

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Step 12:
Remove the roll pins that hold the bearing adjustment nuts. Do not totally remove them since it's necessary just to lift them that bit to allow the bearing adjustment nut to rotate.

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Step 13:
Mark each carrier bearing cap since they are specific for a given side. Unscrew the 4 bolts with a 19 mm wrench. Now it's possible to remove the bearing nut with the proper tool. Remove then completely the 4 bolts and the bearing caps.

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Step 14:
Lift the entire differential from the pinion housing. Play attention to the bearing cups cause they are free to fall.

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Step 15:
Put two softer (lead or alluminium) sockets on the vice. Do not tight too much the vice to avoid to make oval the diff case.

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Step 16:
With a 14mm wrench remove the bolts that secure the ring to the diff. Cross untight the bolts (180) to avoid ring's deformation. Gently tap the ring with a rubber hammer until it separates from the differential. Hold the ring and avoid to touch it against the vice.

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Step 17:
Put the components on the bench and clean them. You can now apply some kind of sticky grease on the stock differential, wrap it in oily paper and store it in a low humidity place. You might need this differential in the future and oxidation has to be accurately avoided.

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Step 18:
Detroit differential ready for installation.




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