12 volts on board air compressor


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Since the first time we have installed an air compressor on board (on board air), we became more avid of compressed air and decided to professionally install a serious compressor and air system. Our choice: the powerfull Extremeaire Severe Duty 12 volts air compressor (see details).


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This is a big compressor and we placed it right behind the rear bulkhead.


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This is a good position to route electrical wires and pneumatic lines. The pneumatic system starts with a no return valve.


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In the battery compartment we have 2 Exide 900 Deep Cycle batteries, fuse, relay and air control system.


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70A fuse and 100 A relay.


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Air system has 2 parts: the high pressure and the low pressure. These are separated by a pressure regulator. From the air compressor the air flows to a 20 liters alloy tank and it reachs the high pressure manifold through a T fitting. On the high pressure manifold you can see a safety valve, pressure gauge, pressure switch and an high pressure output to feed the air guns.


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Between the 2 manifolds a pressure regulator to control the flow. 6.5 bar is the correct pressure for ARB solenoids and impact wrench. On the low pressure manifold you can see the pressure gauge, safety valve, ARB solenoids and low pressure output.


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An alloy air tank has been placed right behind the transfer case. The tank has a tap to periodically discharge water.


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ARB switches on the dashboard. Rear locker can only be activated after the central differential has been switched on. Front locker only after the rear one.


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We have 2 quick disconnects. Driver side for high pressure.


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Passenger side for low pressure. Extremeaire is a great compressor. It only takes 3 minutes to reach 10 bars (starting from 0)  on our 20 liters tank.






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