Staun Internal Beadlock



Internal Pneumatic Beadlock

- 15 x 6 - 6.5              
- 15 x 7 - 8                  
- 15 x 10-12               
- 16 x 6 - 6.5            
- 16 x 7 - 8                 
- 16 x 10-12               
- 16.5 x 7 - 8              
- 16.5 x 10 -12          
- 17 x 7 - 8                 
- 17 x 10 - 12             
- 19.5 x 7 - 8              



When driving offroad it is usual to lower your vehicles tire pressure for two reasons:

1. For Comfort and a smoother ride
2. To lengthen or enlarge your tire’s footprint to give you greater traction.

However, tire pressures below 18 psi run the risk of the tire either rotating on the wheel rim or worse, it allows the tire to completely deflate and come off the rim. These occurrences can lead to the problem of dirt and mud entering the inner air chamber and causing resealing tire bead problems.


This situation is easily overcome by fitting the Staun Internal Bead Lock, a pneumatic bead lock that fits inside the tire. The Staun Internal Bead Lock holds both tire beads onto the wheel rim via a separate low profile tube that inflates to lock the tyre beads. An easily installed special valve is fitted to the normal air valve hole to inflate the tube.
Now you have two separate air pressures, allowing you to control with confidence the pressure you wish to run in the tire. Our tests showed that even with zero pressure the tire stayed in position and full control of the vehicle was maintained while also cushioning the tire from the rim and minimising tire damage.
The Staun Internal Bead Lock provides distribution completely over and around the wheel rim inside the tire, presenting no problems with wheel balance and being inside the tire, it is unaffected by weather or damage by rocky terrain. The Staun Internal Bead Lock can easily be fitted to most one piece steel rims and tubeless tires.





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