Recovery Gear


Recovery Strap (CDS 90-8) 77.00*
*VAT included.

Our recovery strap is 90 mm (3.5") wide and 8 mt (26.2 feet) long. It's made by high quality polyester, it's double layered with nylon reinforced ends for maximum strenght and durability. The  Strap meets and exceeds the European Standard (CEN Standard Draft 117), it has a WLL (working load limit) of 3000 kg (6600 lbs) and a security factor of 7:1 wich means the strap will withstand at least 21 tons (46300 lbs) before breaking.


RecoveryGear-CDS75-8.jpg (54144 byte)
RecoveryGear-CDS90-3a.jpg (38661 byte) Tree saver (CDS 90-3)  35.00*
*VAT included.

The Tree Saver is made by double layer 90 mm (3.5") wide polyester and it has nylon reiforcements on both ends. Our Tree Saver exceeds the European Standards, it has a WLL of 3000 kg (6600 lbs) and a security factor of 7:1.


Tubular Round Ropes
(LFT 3/6) 24.00
(LFT 4/6) 30.00
*VAT included.

Tubular Round Ropes are made by interlaced polyester  fibers and then enclosed in an additional nylon layer. Every single rope is circular and its developped lenght is double the effective lenght. Our tubular ropes are 3 mt/10feet (6 mt/20 feet developped) long and have a WLL of 3000 kg/6600 lbs  (yellow) and 4000 kg/8800 lbs (grey) to be used as Tree Saver or additional Strap. The security factor is 7:1 wich means the grey rope will withstand at least 28 tons/61730 lbs before breaking. TR exceed the European Standard CEN Standard Draft 118. TR are easy to store, their success is given by the wonderfull versability and they are also not expensive. The 10 feet is a great Tree saver but you can have them as long as you want (up to 40 feet).


RecoveryGearLFT.jpg (52009 byte)
RecoveryPVC.jpg (30775 byte) PVC protective sleeve (GU2) 6.00*
*VAT included.

The durability of recovery straps and ropes depends on how much care you give them in use. It is difficult to break them under working load and most damage occurs by friction and abrasion over rough surfaces. Our PVC protective sleeve has passed the test under the most severe industrial applications. It can be placed over the main portion of the recovery strap or rope and easily moved to the potential point of abrasion. Our PVC PS is sold by the meter.

Bow Shackles
4.75 t (GP4) 9.60
3.25 t (GP3) 7.20
*VAT included.

Forged high resistance bow shackles. Security factor 5:1 

RecoveryGear-Grilli.jpg (31246 byte)


In addition to our products line we can accomodate any custom requirement. Any lenght and up to 10 tons (WLL) for recovery straps. Up to 12 mt/40 feet (24 mt/80 feet developped) in lenght and up to 35 tons of WLL on Tubular Ropes.


RecoveryGearAsole.jpg (49022 byte)

Both ends on our Straps are reinforced by a very strong nylon layer. This particular allow the Strap a longer life protecting the most exposed part to abrasion. Picture also shows black longitudinal lines: one for each 1000 kg of WLL (European Standard).

RecoveryGear-LFT4.jpg (59116 byte)

Same is for Tubular Ropes: 4 lines are for 4000 kg of WLL. Certification is attached to every single Strap and Rope.

We strongly believe in our polyester straps and ropes. They are made by the best quality material. They are light, flexible and durable. Despite not the cheapest on the market we are sure you won't find a better product.


Technical Informations

Resistance to temperatures -40C - +80C ( -40 - +176F)
UVA Unaffected
Solvents Unaffected
Detergents Unaffected
Oils Unaffected
Acids Unaffected
Water Unaffected (Dry after use)





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