Defender Wheelcarrier

752.50 + VAT


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Outback Extreme is a South Africa based company particularly focused on Land Rover vehicles. The OE wheelcarrier is particularly strong and  finished to the highest standards. It is bolted to the rear cross member and it swings on a billet pivot and bearings.

This is the only way to avoid damages to the door hinges and body when carring big tires on extremely difficoult trails or when the carrier has to resist the abuses of long trips and raids in to the wilderness.

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Outback Extreme didn't stop to that only and concentrated on a double wheelcarriern system supported by a bumper. This will allow to carry the extra wheel or plenty of water and gas jerry-cans.

D90/110 1375.00
D110 HCPU/D130 bumper + single carrier 1165.00
D110HCPU/D130 bumper + double carrier 1395.00
Discovery II bumper + single carrier 1210.00
Discovery II bumper + double carrier 1490.00

prices do not include vat

Need a bonnet mounted wheelcarrier? Outback Extreme realized the Td5 bonnet wasn't up the task for a so heavy load and made this position possible again...so typical Land Rover!

445.00 + VAT

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