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Hannibal roof racks are internationally renowned for their quality, strength, reliability and lightweight construction.  Through innovative design and superior workmanship, Hannibal racks have established themselves over the years as perhaps the strongest, lightest, most versatile and rugged safari-proven racks in the world.  The unique welded aluminum construction has been ground tested to a mass load exceeding one ton.  The design also incorporates an attractive look with aerodynamic performance for minimum wind noise and maximum fuel efficiency.  The Hannibal racks are designed to fit all makes of 4x4's, both with and without gutters.



Features: Uniquely engineered flooring to provide extreme strength and minimum flexibility front to rear floor slat layout to increase aerodynamics and minimize wind noise wide floor slats for easy loading, standing or to serve as a front porch for your Hannibal rooftop tent double powder coated finish for maximum durability, or optional natural aluminum finish detachable rear section to allow for flat bed packing, and optional detachable side rails for wider loads, side-mounting of tents or improved vertical clearance optional closed front racks.

Construction: High quality 6063 architectural aluminum designed for strength and corrosion resistance fully welded frame and basket for maximum strength and reliability stainless steel mounting clamps full length gutter support to spread load and prevent unnecessary wear and tear to gutters (gutter models) shock absorbing rubber pads, low profile aluminum tracks and built-in wind deflector (gutterless models).


D90 Aluminum nat.

D110 Aluminum nat.

Powder coat available upon request for all models.



Discovery Aluminum nat.

Discovery Series II  Aluminum nat.

Range Rover Classic Alluminum nat.



Range Rover HSE Aluminum nat. 
Freelander 5 doors Alluminum nat.


All the Hannibal Roof Racks can be ordered with an optional camping table.

Available for Series III e D130  


Also available for Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mercedes e Jeep




Awnings provide shade from the sun and protection against rain and wind when camping. The awning is constructed with a water resistant polymide ripstop retractable cover and aluminum self-supporting fold out arms which swivel off of the roof rack.  There are no ground poles or ropes to get in the way.  The awnings come in a variety of sizes (5, 7 and 8 feet) and are available in the Top version with front and side panels to provide shelter from the elements.

Short "Base" Aluminum
Middle "Base" Aluminum 
Long "Base" Alluminum

Short "Top" Aluminum 
Middle "Top" Aluminum 
Long "Top" Aluminum

Available Powder Coated



Speed and ease of set-up is of paramount importance and Hannibal awnings have been designed to open in less than one minute.  Just fold out the arms, roll out the awning and clip it in.

For single 20 Liters Jerry Can. Aluminum with stainless steel hinge and locker.

Jerry Can Holder




For 2 20 liters Jerry Cans. Aluminum with stainless steel hinge and locker.

Jerry Can Holder

Stainless Steel

Spade Bracket
Axe Bracket


Hi-Lift Holder


Hannibal Safari Equipment also has a complete line of ROOF TENTS:  CLICK HERE


Give Hannibal TIG welding  a look. Of couse this is an expensive line of accessories but every cent will come back to you in terms of quality and durability...that's for sure!







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