Continental Divide 2000


5 magnifici giorni sui pił bei percorsi che attraversano le Rocky Mountains guidati da Chris Hinkle ed in compagnia dei soci del Texas Rover Club.

Day 1: Da Telluride ad Ouray attraverso Ophir Pass, Black Bear Pass, Tomboy Mine ed Imogene Pass.

Day 2: Da Ouray a Crested Butte attraverso Poughkeepsie Gulch, Engineer Pass, Rose's Cabin, Lake City, Slumgullion Pass e Los Pinos Pass.

Day 3: Da Crested Butte a Mt. Princeton Hot Springs attraverso White Pine, Tomichi Pass, Alpine Tunnel, Hancock Pass, Romely e Iron Chest.

Day 4: Da Mt. Princeton a Crested Butte attraverso Tin Cup Pass, Taylor Pass e Pearl Pass.

Day 5: Da Crested Butte a Breckenridge attraverso Scholfield Pass, Basalt, Sellar Meadows, Hagerman Pass, Leadville, Mosquito Pass e Hoosier Pass.


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Special Thanks to

Our great friend Chuque Henry and his wife Hannah for lending the red D90 an awesome Crawling machine and to

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